Best Grade Level Team Teacher Shirts

Is your grade level team looking for t-shirts for this year?

I’ve got your back.

It’s fun to coordinate t-shirts – it makes a unified front, shows team spirit and sends a positive visual message to students about how adults can work together.

Let’s look at both the most popular teacher team shirts and at more options that help your team pick what’s right for them.

Best Sellers

Here are our top grade level team t-shirt designs for elementary teachers:

But those are also some of the longest-standing designs in our shop. Here are some new t-shirts picking up steam.

Kindergarten Team Neon Rainbow

How to Pick a Team Shirt

Not sure what you want as a team? Here are a couple of ideas on how to pick a team shirt together.

4th Grade Team Teacher T-shirt
more grade levels available

All the Same

Consider getting all the same design and the same color shirt.

It makes your team easily identifiable and shows solidarity.

grade level teacher t-shirts for fourth grade

Check out all of the tees for your grade level and put it to a vote! This works great no matter the number of people in your grade level team.

Here are the tees for your grade level:

If you all get the exact same tee, you can still make each one unique. Here’s how:

Choose your favorite design (this will work with any tee) and add your names under the design or on the back of the tee.

personlized teacher t-shirts

Not sure how to add names? Then check out this how to add names to your shirt tutorial.

Create the Rainbow

Consider getting the same design – but everyone gets their own t-shirt color.

Like this – it creates a rainbow effect, but not until you’re all together.

second grade tribe teacher t-shirts

This works especially great if you have a team of five or more teachers.

Tip: Pick fabric colors that make the design pop!

Commonly Asked Questions

How long will our order take?

Your shirts will be ready to ship within 24-48 hours of ordering. Click here to estimate how soon your order will arrive.

Do you give discounts for grade level team orders?

No. Currently we only offer bulk order discounts.

Do we pay separately or together?

That’s up to you! Some teachers prefer to pay all together to save on shipping. Often, your school can help you pay the total amount after giving them your individual cash payments or checks.

There you have it – the best teacher shirts for grade level teams and how to pick out what’s right for your team this year.